Oh, The Delicious Irony!

I jumped onto a train to work this morning without a ticket.

It turned out to be an express, and by the time I worked this out, the first stop was one after my desired destination. OK, I thought, no worries. I’ll get off, run downstairs, grab a ticket, and get on a train going the other way. For once, the timing was good.

I got downstairs… and there were ticket inspectors everywhere. I asked if I could go out and buy a ticket – BUH-BUM! Ticket inspector inquisition time. I got a written warning (valid for three years) and a mad dash to catch the train back to my station.

Now here’s the kicker. If I hadn’t ducked downstairs to grab a ticket, I wouldn’t have gotten in trouble for not having a ticket. PLUS, the warning counted as a ticket to my station. Which meant, I finished up not having to buy a ticket.

Exactly WHO lost out, there?


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