‘Traditional’ thinkin’

Ever noticed that people only think traditionally when it suits them?

Here’s my current bugbear – wanting to get married before having a baby because you’re ‘old-fashioned’ and ‘traditional’ and ‘want to do things properly’, so the wedding is hurried through with a pregnant bride.


While there are good reasons to get married before a baby turns up, there are some shockingly bad ones, too. And because it’s ‘traditional’ is one of the worst, OK? It’s just a modern-day take on “oh dear god she’s pregnant, quick, make an honest woman out of her!” shotgun weddings. ‘Traditional values’ require that you don’t actually have sex, OK?

So if you’re going to have sex before marriage, and get pregnant, feel free to get married, or not, whenever you like. Just don’t spout lines about being ‘old-fashioned’ or ‘not putting the cart before the horse’. The cart is well and truly out in front, a wedding aint gonna solve that.

I feel better now 😛


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