Does anyone else find that their creativity levels soar when they’re putting a lot of effort into something that’s really not very interesting? Like, studying for their HSC. Or (since I’m a bit old for that) writing software manuals. Now that I’m not dead-tired all the time, I’m finding that I can spend all day at work, come home, and write part of a story straight down. It’s as though a whole heap of left-brain (is that right?) work builds up potential energy in the right side of the brain. Similar to a car driven by petrol charging the car battery as it goes. That, or my subconscious is trying desperately to distract me into something more interesting. I’ve never quite worked out which. Regardless, I rarely have problems finding inspiration if I’m spending enough time busy but bored.

I think I preferred the old-fashioned idea of a sexy female as a muse. She’d be far better scenery than a software manual.

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  1. Happens to me ALL the time. When I am on to boring business-like articles, my fingers (and my brain) are twitching to write a novel or a short story or even a poem.

    The day I am through with the work deadlines and REALLY have some time to write, everything dries up!

    You are to be congratulated… are tired yes, but at least you have no writer’s block!

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