Study on Stay at Home Dads

Treavor at Queer Spaces blogged about this study on stay-at-home dads and their psychological well-being. While I find the comments quoted in the article a little TOO positive – some men must surely find it difficult and wearying, just as some women do – I think it’s a good sign.

Why am I so interested? Because hubby and I don’t conform very well to gender role expectations either. I didn’t change my surname (and that still seems to confuse some people). I work part-time and parent part-time. Ditto with hubby (but he’s planning to chuck study into that mix too – and I might join him). Our work/parenting setup seems quite sensible to me. And yet… not many people I know have the slightest interest in doing something similar themselves. It’s not that I mind that others don’t want to do the same thing – I just find it a bit strange, since seems to me such a good solution to the problem of how to organise parenting.

But maybe we’re just ahead of our time 🙂

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