Bargain Day!


I had the mother of all shopping days yesterday.

First, the background – I needed to go to Target to pay off and pick up a layby of christmas presents. “Christmas presents?” I hear you ask, “Are you psychotically organised or something?”

Ummm, no. These were for this christmas just gone. It’s a bit of a tradition in our family to be bad at giving presents when they’re actually due. I once got a backlog of about 3 christmases worth of pressies.

Anyhow, I was getting this stuff off layby and I noticed a clearance section (not just one of those little trolleys – ohhhh no, this was a whole section). I wandered over there and found:

  • A 61-key electronic keyboard/synth for $10 (tag said 3 of the keys weren’t working)
  • A massage chair pad for $2.50 (it was missing the adaptor)
  • A size 12, olive green, not-horrible linen skirt for $2
  • Bags of lollies for 76c

I stayed calm and dignified. I grabbed the lot and piled them into my already-full trolley of christmas presents. And remembered, when I got home, that it was our 1yo’s birthday today. Woot! Super-mommy got you an awesome present! (I’d bought it for him anyway) See, I figured that $10 was a fair price to pay for a kid’s toy that might only last 6 months, and Bubba Boy was very unlikely to care that 3 keys weren’t working. Sure enough, he didn’t and he doesn’t. And he’s been having ridiculous amounts of fun turning on rhythms, bashing keys, and bopping and swaying to the beayoooooootiful music. I think he’s talented.

We doubled the celebrations and had Second Christmas that night. My other child lives with his father (who, perhaps not obviously, isn’t hubby). So he gets 2 christmases (at least), 2 birthdays, 2 easters, etc. He seems to enjoy that. Anyhow, we had lollies (which Bubba Boy got into this morning – whoops! Good mums let their babies have lollies, right?) and softdrink, and presents (obviously) and hubby finally got his real Christmas present (as if 2 huge containers of fudge wasn’t an awesome present!). And I got a present from myself, which was my reward for doing all the christmas shopping by myself. And a bath set from my almost-teenager, which I’m eyeing off right now.

Speaking of ‘eyeing off’, Bubba Boy has been sitting in his highchair chomping on various things while I write this. The one thing that has me a little concerned is that he threw a piece of nectarine overboard, and now it’s disappeared. Last I saw, there was a cat sitting near it. Did the cat eat it? Did the cat sit on it? If the cat sat on it, where is it now? (on the cat’s bum still?) If the cat ate it, how long till we see it again in only slightly-disguised form of ‘I shouldn’t have eaten that’ cat puke? Or is it somewhere completely non-cat-related, where it will surface at the exact perfect moment to win me the Bad Mummy of the Century Award?

PS. Bubba Boy is learning – repeatedly – that banging your head on the back of your (padded) highchair can hurt sometimes. Did I say he was talented?


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