I’m a Heartbreaker!

I caught a taxi, and realised after about 5 seconds that it was gonna be one of those interactions. Joy. The late-40s driver – mediterranean, but I couldn’t work out a nationality for sure – told me I was beautiful and sweet. We chatted. I told him what I do for a living. He asked me to give him computer lessons – paid of course. Yeah right – your interest in computers starts and ends at your joystick, mate! I told him to find someone ugly to teach him computers, because I’d only be a distraction. I broke his heart. That was easy! It used to take me months, or at least weeks. And after all that, he didn’t even give me a discount.

Then I had a job interview. I think they liked me. I’m not just basing that on the fact that the COO and CTO gave me a lift most of the way home and talked about hiring me. Although that was a small hint.

I was wandering home from the station, and decided to try for the Resident Nutcase of the Week Award. Just because an elderly couple were out taking their goats for a walk was no excuse for me to approach them and strike up a conversation, right? If they find out where I live, there’ll be an award in the mail, I’m sure of it.


2 Responses

  1. They were walking a goat?? I would have definitely gone up to them to talk about their goat.
    Don’t ya just love taxi drivers that try to hit on you? Personally it makes me want to go and take a long hot shower and wash away that grimy feel.

    Best of luck with the outcome of the interview. It really does sound like they like you. What is the job for? Or aren’t you allowed to say?

  2. Two goats. So it wasn’t that freaky to talk to them? I thought it was weird enough to comment on. And I didn’t even comment on the fact that they were walking them! They clearly thought I was a few pints short of a pub though.

    Thanks for the luck! 🙂 It’s for tech writing + minor project management + data management + possible person management. Bit different to what I’m doing now. It’d make an interesting change until my writing career takes off 😉

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