Getting Excited on an Empty Stomach

I was dozing sleepily (is there any other way to doze?) on the train this morning when my mobile rang. After five minutes of one-sided playful banter about who the hell was on the other end of the line, I discovered that a friend of mine – someone who’s had a lot of trouble finding ‘the’ relationship – is engaged! Honestly, I’m thrilled for him. He’s been through trial after trial in his romantic life, and it’s good to see him settled and happy. I just hope I sounded excited and thrilled. I mean, it’s a lot to ask at 8.30am!


2 Responses

  1. lol……….. sorry but lol! I hate it when you get a phone call at the wrong time of day and then wonder if you managed to sound appropriately enthusiastic/shocked/appalled/etc

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