I think I’m actually awake. Although I could be dreaming. It’d explain a lot. Like this feeling of well-being, and the fact that my emergency soymilk didn’t separate in my coffee. And the fact that I found my emergency soymilk. And got a chance to drink my coffee. And… the fact that I’m showered and dressed and AWAKE, by gum, at 10am.

Maybe I died and went to heaven.

But are there really gonna be pooey nappies in heaven? Cos that seems a little unfair.

I’ve been sick and feeling like crud for about a week. Bubba Boy had his six month immunisations last week, and has been off-colour and whingeing like you wouldn’t believe ever since. Eurghhhhhh.

Everyone’s turned a corner today, though. I’m feeling awake, like I keep saying, and Bubba Boy is sleeping. When he’s not sleeping, he’s playing, crawling or watching TV like a pro couch potato. Wooohooo! Now let’s see if this’ll last long enough to get me to work tomorrow…

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  1. Glad you are feeling a bit better today.

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