For an Afternoon I Felt Normal

So I’ve been rabbiting on and on about how sick and miserable I am. And I’m surprised no-one’s snail-mailed me a pistol, bullets and a note saying, “For God’s sake, just get it over with” 😉

Today I took Bubba Boy into Brissie. The idea was to see the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Gallery of Modern Art. We sat on the train, and Bubba Boy completely ignored me in favour of befriending everyone – and I mean everyone – in a 3m radius. If they wouldn’t look at him, he’d yodel until they did. He finished up with 5 people grinning and talking to him. He was in heaven. He’s like a little Jamie Oliver, without the cooking.

We took a wander through the Queensland Art Gallery first. They have a big, shallow indoor ‘water feature’ with hundreds of silver balls floating on it. BIG hit with Bubba Boy. He happily ignored complete strangers to poke balls, watch them spin away and hit other balls… and of course dabble his fingers in the water. The other stuff was boring as all heck in his opinion, but as long as we circled back to the balls, all was well.

Next stop, the point of the trip – Andy Warhol. $20 per ticket. Blimey. No offense, Andy, but I’ll stick to the free stuff until I get a little bit more money, thanks. So, no exhibit. But they had a free Andy-inspired kids area. Woohoo! So Bubba Boy got his first-ever play with textas (and yes, I plan to wash after this post). Then we found the most awesome room in the whole world. It was a huge, double-storey room filled with large, pillow-shaped, silver balloons. Fans in each corner meant they were floating all over the place. Bubba Boy squealed with delight, crawled off to attack a few… then found potential fans. Balloons were forgotten until he’d made friends with everyone in the room. Then he’d play. Then someone new would enter the room, and he’d need to make a new conquest. Socially deprived? Nahhhhhh.

I finally tore him away and headed to Southbank. Once Mummy was fed, it was time to hit the beach. Of course, I didn’t think to pack swimmers for myself, or a towel. On the bright side, I had packed a swim nappy. So on it went, and I plonked Bubba Boy down in the sand. He’d had enough weird experiences that day to not worry too much about what the heck he was sitting in… he looked at me sitting on a rock in the water and thought, “Yeah, I’ll give that a go!” Surprisingly, he didn’t panic at the temperature of the water or trip and half-drown. He DID find a little girl to play with, and charmed her into giving him all of her toys. I’ve never seen an 18mo share before! So he crawled around in the water like a pro, made a few more friends (8, I think), and finally succumbed to tiredness. Not sleep, God forbid! That took a visit to a coffee house, a short train ride, 3 times round David Jones and a visit to EB Games.

Now THAT was an outing!


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