24 Hours to Freedom

Tomorrow (all going to plan, of course) I get a day off.


The mere thought is irresistably decadent.

No work. No baby. Just me. And with any luck, I’ll manage to finish Happily Ever After. I know how it’s supposed to end, I just need to get it written down and make it halfway entertaining.

See, Bubba Boy woke me up twice the night before last, screaming his little head off (thank God for vibrating rockers). Last night he woke up every 5 minutes for about half an hour… no screaming, but enough to wake me and get me thinking that I should make him a bottle. I never gave it to him. Instead I wrote and posted a critique of an article someone lifted from a movie and ‘checked for truth by googling’, and in return was told off for not knowing what I was talking about and giving him a link to wikipedia. Oh ye gads and lil fishes. I was tempted to reply… but knockdown arguments aren’t useful, edifying or a good use of time. Even though he promised to shoot himself if there was a connection between two things which are very definitely connected. Temptation… 😉 So I went to bed.


One Response

  1. Enjoy your day off. I hope you get everything done that you are hoping to do.

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