Maybe Mojo

Maybe my mojo is coming back.

One proposition, a request for a date, and chatting to a blue-haired stranger who’s a CPA (Car Park Attendant) on the train home, all in a month.

Once again, I’m starting to feel vaguely normal!

Normal for me, that is, not normal for everyone else. God forbid.


5 Responses

  1. What’s normal?

    Just kidding.

    A little ego boost by being asked out may have helped, though.

  2. Sure did. I was feeling saggy 😀

  3. I’d love to get hit on……… by anyone but my husband……. does that make me a bad wife? lmao

  4. Never, Bettina 🙂 It’s when you want to be snogged by anyone but your hubby that things start getting dodgy… 😛

  5. nah, I’m happy to be a one-man-snogging woman! lmao

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