Confused Sisters

It’s my sister’s birthday today. If she was likely to read this, I’d say Happy Birthday. But nahhh… I don’t think she even knows I have a blog.

I’ve been thinking about the two of us. We’re six years apart. Always fought like a cat and dog hopped up on steroids. And you know? I think that was our parents’ fault.

See, somewhere along the line, our parents got their wires crossed about us two. They gave us the wrong names, the wrong godparents, everything. And all of our fighting was just an attempt to take back what was rightfully ours.


Well, my sister – who is one of the nicest, calmest people around – got the name which means ‘tough, stubborn, flowering weed that we’re inexplicably proud of‘. I got the name which means ‘pleasant, lovely and nice to be with‘. If you’ve been reading this blog long, you’ll understand why that’s such an injustice. She got my name, dammit.

Then there are the godparents. My dad has two sisters who he vaguely gets along with. One is olive-skinned, loud-mouthed, occasionally obnoxious, and talented at making really dumb relationship and life moves. The other is short, calm, pleasant and soothing. Now guess who got which sister as a godparent. Like I said, crossed wires.

Thankfully, we’ve been able to manage our own lives better, without getting too tangled. We got the right husbands, the right careers and the right hobbies. And we’ve stopped fighting. We get along fantastically.

See? My theory works. It was all our parents’ fault.

So here’s to my sister – who has loved me, looked out for me, taken me in, given me stuff, and never told me I was a screw-up. Love ya sis.

2 Responses

  1. Gotta love the parents. *sigh*

    My name means “Angel”

    Didn’t someone screw up royally there?

  2. There are all sorts of angels 😉

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