Smiley Saturday

Smiley Saturday

Smiley Saturday is Lightening‘s brilliant idea… living up to her name indeed!

Here’s my smiley for today – watching Bubba Boy paint with real paint – instead of the gluey goop I made him a couple of weeks ago.


Once he understood that it really wasn’t for eating, things progressed pretty well!

He’s now confirming my suspicions of genius with a very impressive effort on the electric keyboard… 🙂  Rhythm, melody, the works!

6 Responses

  1. That’s a very striking piece of art.

    Quite a work in progress.

    Your little man is VERY creative.

    I love his little fingers all spread out.

    You can tell he’s getting right into it.

  2. Very cute – genius for sure. He looks like he is having fun. Your little man looks the same age as my little men and they tried to eat the clag glue at playgroup. I don’t risk paint yet !

  3. awesome!! Got to love painting – at any age!

  4. That looks great fun!!

  5. That is a masterpiece !!!!

    Frame it.

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