Bling Bling! That’ll be the Blog…

Bad, I know. In fact, if you laughed you’re probably hitting yourself around the head for being a doofus right now.

But look –


WOOOOOOT!!! This is my first blog bling ever. I love it. In fact, getting it caused me to be speechless for days. Hence the silence. Scary, huh? You didn’t think it was possible to shut me up, right?

It was given to me by the always-gorgeous Bettina. Love ya gal!

I’ve decided to pass it on to someone whose blog I haven’t gotten round to commenting on yet (WHOOPS) but whose posts I read with interest and often laughter. Charli is a fairly new blogger, but she’s jumped in and started blogging like a pro. Very impressive 🙂 If you haven’t already, check it out!

2 Responses

  1. woohooo! Your first blog bling aye? I’m glad to pass it to you.


  2. Hi Naomi, great to meet you! And thanks (I think!). I have no idea what blog bling is, nor what I am supposed to do with it:). Off for a mini break shortly so please message me with the lowdown and I’ll sort it when I return – Charli

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