GAH! It’s the SnotMonster!

Bubba Boy is not quite his usual self today. Periods of quiet interspersed with periods of frustrated screaming (him, mostly) and tearing hair out (me, and mine). For the last couple of days he’s just been mucusy, his mood’s been fine. But today… eurgh. Psycho tired sick baby with snot flying everywhere. So if I seem grouchy, it’s because he keeps waking me up with his sheer snottiness.

We went out yesterday. On the way home, some young women were admiring His Royal Cuteness as they waited to get off the train. Then he sneezed, and snot covered his face. They jumped back in alarm and fear.

“Not so cute now, is he?” I snickered.


9 Responses

  1. baaahaahaaa – you gotta love grossing other people out with our children aye? lolol

    love the new header! it’s fantastic.

  2. Yup, it’s GREAT fun. Especially since almost all I hear is how cute he is 😉

    Thanks! I love the header, but I had to remove the title of the blog to have it displaying properly (dammit). Think I’m gonna hafta part with some cash.

  3. When people tell me my kids are cute, I ask them if they’d like to buy them. They usually run away, probably looking for the nearest police officer to report me for child trafficking lol

  4. Hmmm… what do you do if they say, “How much?”

  5. Exploding Bubba Boy.

    Poor little dude.

  6. Yeah. He’s feeling better now. Although the temper tantrums seemed awfully frequent today… GAH.

  7. no-ones taken me up on it yet!

  8. Hmmm… weird! Oh well, probably for the best. You don’t wanna be tempted more than you can handle!

  9. too true! lol

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