Get Outta My Dreams (and Into My Blog)

I’ve already posted about one set of weird dreams that I tend to have. Sadly, though, that’s not the weirdest of them. If you tend towards being loudly sceptical of paranormal stuff, you might as well wander off now. I bite.

See, every now and then I dream stuff, and weeks, months or years later it happens. Freaky for the first few dreams-come-true, then it gets to be just a bit quirky. Although I get riled that hubby has absolutely no faith in the phenomenon. One of these days I wanna prophesy me a fish coming outta nowhere and slapping him good!

Ahem. Point… oh yeah… I’ve had a couple of dreams about blogs now. Like, reading a post and thinking, “I know what’s gonna happen, cos I’ve read this before,” then checking the date and realising that no, I musta dreamt it. Except, how do you explain that to someone who’s a near stranger? “Hey, I dreamt about reading your blog, except you hadn’t written it yet.” Right. Great way to make friends. And I always have some half-assed desire to share this absolutely useless and weird info. Go figure.

But lemme share with you one dream that hasn’t yet come true. And it’s confusing me, really really confusing. Cos it happened, dammit.

I was listening to the radio. A special bulletin was read out… breaking news… Celine Dion is dead. Shot by accident during an argument with her manager. “Wow,” I thought, and went on with my day. Now this was back in the days when it was uber-trendy to ‘raise’ singers from the dead and take them on tour. Kinda like the Rolling Stones, but without the physical corpses. Elvis Presley did a ‘tour’. So did an old crooner, with his daughter. The point is, when they advertised a live Celine Dion concert, I didn’t immediately click. Instead, I snorted loudly and said, “Cripes, talk about false advertising… live? She’s DEAD!” Silence. Many strange looks. Finally, someone said, “Ummm… Celine Dion’s not dead?” “Yes, she is!” I insisted. “Shot by her… manager… by… she’s not dead?” “Nup.” “Then I dreamt it?” “Guess so” (*snickers*)

And you know, I’ve never quite forgiven her. She’s DEAD, dammit. She should have the grace to accept it.


8 Responses

  1. Not wishful thinking, surely?

  2. perhaps one day……………

  3. Oh no…

    I’m getting traffic from “celine dion” searches!

    I’m gonna get SO MUCH HATE MAIL.

  4. I’ve wished her dead since that evil screeching thing she performed for “Titanic”

    On a more serious note – that sort of thing happens to me all the time.

  5. Phew. Glad I’m not the only weirdo round here 😉

  6. not the only weirdo?

    You did see what we do for fun? And you think you’re weird? lmao

  7. Good point 😉

  8. Happens to me too !!!

    But then I don’t know if that would be much comfort. ….. I am medicated after all…… 😛

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