Snot Queen Elect

I woke up this morning with a dry throat and a cough. Bugger. This is how Bubba Boy’s started.

I think I’m turning into the Snot Queen. My superpower will be the ability to shoot gobbets of the stuff 100m at criminals, door-to-door salespeople and anyone who irritates me.


6 Responses

  1. Hey, that’s a talent and a half. The next dimwit who knocks at your door attempting to sell you a vacuum cleaner that doubles as an omelette maker is in for a face full of ick. That’s one helluva weapon.

  2. Yup. I’m thinking electricity salesmen atm, they’re really irritating. Last week (being relatively healthy) I had to settle for saying ‘not interested’ and then explaining that yes, it would do harm to listen to him, as I’d miss out on quality time with my family, who were far more important. He did run away at least.

  3. tell them that you’re prepare to listen to them if they can tell you do they have a personal relationship with Jesus and what He has done in their lives lately…………… works on the JW’s 😉 lol

  4. Bettina – LOL. I have actually used a similar technique on telemarketers. Only works on the small operators, though. I’ve asked for their website, and typically they don’t have one, or it’s crud… so I mention that I’m a web designer, and I’d love to do them up a better site… think of the money you’d make! It’s a WISE business choice, and only someone short-sighted would miss out on this opportunity if your product’s as good as you say it is….?

    But the snot-attack is so much easier.

  5. yeah, you’re right. The snot attack is much easier lol Love your counter hard sell tactic though!!

  6. Mmmm… reminds me of some kids’ show when I was a tacker… they poured bright green goop over people for… I dunno… stuff? It was a bit weird.

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