Remember those free Tim Tams?

I just got an email from Arnott’s.

“Whoops!” they said.

“We stuffed up!” they said.

“We’re doubling the packets of Tim Tams we send out due to such demand!” they said.

“But you’re not one of the lucky ones, sorry!” they said.

As if I care that they’re sending out more than they’d planned to if they’re not sending any to me!


8 Responses

  1. that really sucks – I saw the free T im T ams link but I was too late …just as well. You were ripped off.

    Buy a packet – ‘eat’ them and then you can always ring up and complain that they didn’t meet your expectations … then they will send you reimbursement (fair enough – you didn’t get to enjoy free T im t ams did you)

  2. That sucks most righteously. I’d follow Trish’s suggestion of buying a pack and then complaining about them 😀

  3. lol – I likes Trish’s thinking!!

  4. WTF! That is real infantile corporate behaviour.

    Yep, what Trish said – during my student days I used to flat with these guys who would do that to get all sorts of stuff, even razors, lol.

  5. Tempting, Trish 🙂

    It is pathetic, isn’t it, Charli? Guess they’ll think through their publicity stunts a bit better next time 😛

  6. It makes me want to boycott Tim Tams.


  7. I sent them a snarky email saying that their extreme lack of foresight was NOT my fault, and that I was no longer interested in being an Arnott’s customer. Dick Smith do choccy bikkies too dammit!

  8. Same happened to me. I think its their problem not mine and will be responding along those lines. Pretty poor form in my opinion!!!!

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