I Cook Gud!

I think I’m almost back on top of everything.

Compared to before I started snorting gunk outta my nose and chucking up, not compared to what I should be doing.

The laundry pile is diminished (who cares that hubby needs climbing gear to scale the clean-laundry-pile? It’s CLEAN, dammit!). The dishes are washed (well, most of them). The cakes are baked. Yup, that’s right. Cakes. Plural. Baked. I feel so impressively domestic! Especially cos they’re all iced too. And because I made cookie dough and then stuck it in the freezer with 2 of the cakes. I rock. If anyone drops round for a surprise visit in the next month, there’ll be a hunk of frozen cake available for them.

Anyhow, with munchies reserves sorted, I should be able to get my blogs back in the groove soon. W00t!

4 Responses

  1. woohooo – good to hear!!

    Have missed you.


  2. Glad you are back Naomi – mmm what sort of cake ?
    take care not to do too much …

  3. Yay, you’re back.

    Good grief, you ARE the domestic goddess.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  4. Thanks gals 🙂

    Trish – one chocolate (bit strong on the cocoa, whoops!) and two orange (which taste beeeeautiful). I’ve never made orange cake before.

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