If You Can’t Laugh at Yourself…

… you just haven’t realised how ridiculous you look! 🙂

And with that in mind, here are my contributions to world hilarity:

(courtesy of Oh My Gods! online comic)

And my spur-of-the-moment toenail painting effort in eye-searingly-hideous orange nail polish that I got in a things-that-fell-off-magazines charity grab-bag –


I’m thinking of painting my fingernails with the same nail polish, then dyeing my hair to match. What do you think? *snicker* Too Halloween-y?

4 Responses

  1. Still in prison *sniggers*

    As for the toe colour and colouring your hair to match – DO IT!!!!!

    That’s great!!!!

  2. A little pressie for you on my blog.

    Dang, I love those toes!

    Um… the colour.

    A foot fetish is not one of my weird qualities.

  3. LOL

    I did my fingernails the same colour.

    Hubby was surprisingly impressed (he’s not a fashion carer), especially when he found out I’d done the toes too.

    But I haven’t done the hair. I just can’t bear to be all orange and black. It’s so… footbally and halloweeny. Two things that really don’t appeal!

  4. ooohhh show us your finger nails …
    awesome colour !

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