Virgin, Don’t Leave Me Hangin’!

Our internet access died.

I don’t know why.

I was heading out to the gym anyhow, so I finally gave up and went. I got back and it sputtered… then worked.

I’d ring tech support and ask what was going on, but it’d take me 1/2 hour to get through, and I couldn’t be bothered.

Crafty lil peskies, ain’t they?

Oh well. At least they’re cheap. Unlike Telstra, who charge through the nose, provide cruddy outsourced tech support, and then ring you trying to sell you MORE stuff. Bastards.

3 Responses

  1. *sniggers*

    Reminds me of that old bumper sticker:


  2. heehee at the title it got me in !

    I am with Telstra and the sneaky rats pulled a swifty on us with apromised fab bundle but they took off our wide area calls and made all our 25c go to $1

    I lodged acomplaint and they haven’t got back to me

  3. Anja – *snicker* Better ‘nothing’ than STDs though I guess. Or STD call rates *snort*

    Trish – OUCH! And grrrr. Call the ombudsman?

    You know my most common search term nowadays? People are finding this blog by searching for ‘sex toys for newlyweds’. I never realised there was such a huge market.

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