I Love Youse All

… and I wanna give you stuff.

See, I have a habit of collecting things that I can give people as presents, and stuff that’s pretty, and stuff that’s cheap and a great bargain… you get the idea. Except I haven’t given much away lately, so it’s piling up a bit. And I thought to myself – who better to give stuff to than the people online who’ve made me smile over the last few months?

Note: None of this stuff is expensive, but I’m not just offloading rubbish on you either. All brand-new, even if it was fairly cheap.

First, there’s a polished gemstone pendant – I think it’s leopard jasper? The info on the back of the box of the 20 I bought is in Chinese, so it’s a puzzle to work out what I’ve got at times 🙂 Jasper is said to have a stabilising influence and assist in spiritual discovery.

Jasper Pendant

Next, a ‘silver’ heart pendant. This is really just costume jewellery, I suspect it came free with a magazine at some stage! But it is kinda pretty, and does actually open to put a photo in. Sorry about the BAD quality photo… I’m not having much luck with photos tonight.
Heart Pendant

This next one definitely came free with a magazine – but it’s bright pink and I figure someone’s going to find it appealing (pink’s not me… clashes with my yellow skin 😉 ). Remember the orange toenails? This is its not-quite-identical twin bottle! It’s a mini bottle of nail polish, and it’s 80’s-fluoro-pink. Again, apologies for the really really bad photo.

Bright Pink Nail Polish

Last – a cloisonn-style purple tear-drop pendant with a pale pink flower on it… definitely not real cloisonne, but still quite pretty. It’s on a brown velvet-suedey cord (I’m fairly sure it’s not leather).

Cloisonne-style Pendant

What’ve you got to do if you want it? Well, I don’t want to turn this into a big traffic-creating competition – this is about giving something to the people who already visit. So, comment on this post and let me know what you’d like. If more than one person wants the same thing, no worries – I have a hat to draw names out of. Then, once I’ve worked out who gets what, I’ll ask for your postal details.


3 Responses

  1. I am not commenting because I want something but because I finally have a few spare minutes to catch up on the items in my Google reader LOL. You have been busy I have 4 of yours.

    Lightening loves PINK STUFF …

    Though the Jasper gemstone looks very pretty.

    Beautiful ♥ idea

    My Little Drummer boys

  2. Thanks for dropping in, Trish 🙂

    Yeah I thought of Lightening as soon as I saw that nail polish, actually – LOL

    I hope people aren’t scared to comment and say “I want that” for fear of looking greedy, or whatever… Come onnnn, people, help me share the lurrrrrve!

  3. I definitely don’t need any more ‘stuff’ (one bedroom unit, plus a husband, a Care Bears collection and a obsession with brochures and Scrap-booking crap) so I don’t want anything, but I hope each item finds a good home 🙂

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