Day of the Dead

… not quite, I just feel a little zombie-ish today.

I think Bubba Boy knows when his ‘Mummy Days’ are. And decides to cause chaos on those ones. Or more importantly, those nights. Eurgh.

Anyhow, despite the THREE wakeup calls during the night, I managed to write another instalment of that ever-lengthening epic about a prince and a princess who don’t exactly live happily ever after. Check it out at Fly, Princess, Fly!

Not much else to report. Life is vaguely boring. I’m not complaining, though, because it might turn interesting in a bad way! I’m off to grab another coffee and have a shower. Maybe not in that order though.

PS. No-one wanted me to send them stuff. So if you did, but were too shy to ask, do it, dammit! But if you didn’t, that’s fine.

PPS. Gotta love that panicked feeling when you’re sitting down in front of the computer in only undies, and there’s a knock at the door!


3 Responses

  1. Love Zombie days.

    So enjoy that panic that strikes when the doorbell rings and I’m not fully dressed.

  2. I can’t sit at the computer in my undies and enjoy that panicked feeling if someone knocks at the door. My desk is opposite the front door with glass windows……. someone could actually see me in mine underwear not just presume that I was throwing clothes on in a mad panic after they knock!

  3. LOL bettina! 😀

    Marita – nice to see you here!

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