Yawny Saturday

I wanted to do a Smiley Saturday post today, but I’m too darn braindead after researching and writing an article on Brissie’s new go card (‘smart’card for public transport). Geez, talk about an IT trainwreck. It has ‘Queensland government department’ written all over it. Blahhhhhh. On the bright side, it is possible to exploit it. If you can be bothered. Anyhow, the article will appear on Beautiful Brisbane on Monday. I’m kinda proud of this one, because it took heaps of research. And considering that BB turns up on the first page of google results for most brissie public transport type searches, there aren’t many other people writing that sort of stuff. Or maybe I’m just really good at including keywords – because my pagerank seems to be nonexistant!

See ya, beautiful people (and that’s not sarcasm, as opposed to the blog name, which kinda IS)… I’m off to bed!

One Response

  1. oh a famous writer – you should done SS as well . I hope you get soem accolades .

    I should head off to bed too – yawn (it’s not you it’s 12.30am)

    My SS is up
    My Little Drummer boys

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