Tummy Crunches Crunch Stomach??

Ye gads.

I haven’t gotten to the gym in days, but I have been doing the ab exercises suggested in my fitness evaluation. And all’s been fine except for a mysterious tummy bug that was playing havoc with my insides. But – the penny eventually dropped. The bowel cramping etc gets a lot worse for about 12 hours after I’ve done ab exercises. GAH – I’m making myself sick. How bloody ridiculous.

Now I’m pondering how on earth to build up my abdominal muscles without making myself sick. And I’m outta ideas. Guess it’s back to the fitness instructor type person for me!


3 Responses

  1. oh no not the tummy crunches – have you tried doing curls with knees bent and just lifting your head off ground rather than crunches ?
    says I who hasn’t don’t any for a looonnnng time

  2. belly dancing
    works wonders 🙂
    even someone like me, who cant exercise without getting sore in the skin, can do gentle yet miraculously toning belly dance.

  3. Trish – I’m actually, I must confess, not even doing crunches. I just thought it’d make a good title. Although since I mispelt the title (fixed now) – me, ms picky tech writer! – I’m thinking I might’ve been very tired 😀 I’ve been doing situps and oblique situps? (where you aim for a knee rather than centre) and – I have no idea what these are called – an exercise where you have legs up in the air, bent, and lower one slowly til foot touches the ground. I think my tummy muscles are currently non-existent.

    Carly – Hey you! (I’m planning on writing back to you once I get on a computer when I’m NOT at work) Mmmm… have always wanted to try bellydancing, actually. I’ve never found a convenient class though 😦

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