I feel fantastic.

I finally managed something I’ve been attempting for a few weeks now – I got up at 4:45am, had brekky and went to the gym for a kickboxing class.

Whew – talk about endorphin rush! YEEEHAA!  The class was fairly easy (ask me about that again tomorrow) and the instructor was teaching actual boxing technique, not the crappy pseudo-boxing that a lot of personal trainers encourage. Mutter. Anyway, he’s a great teacher, the class was well-sized, and I’m thrilled. I love kickboxing. I love my gym. Life is good. Did I mention endorphin rush? It’s even lasted til after second breakfast (vegie burger, carrot cake and coffee). I’m sitting at work typing this cos I did an hour’s work on the train this morning, and I feel entitled to a break!

La lala lala lala la la… 🙂


5 Responses

  1. You got up at WHAT time? I’m knocking off at that time.

    Dedicated, or what? But the endorphin rush… OOOO YEAH. 🙂

  2. And you know what?

    I got up at that time expecting a train at 5:20ish.

    But I forgot that I’m living in *&#(*^*%^*ing QUEENSLAND. First train at 5:50something, running late of course.

    But I’m still happy happy 😀

  3. Thats great!!! Fantastic!

    Kick boxing aye?

    So if we piss you off we should really know how to run? lmao

  4. Bettina – Yup, exactly. Cos if you run I’ll get puffed after a hundred metres (if I’m lucky). But I managed far harder punches and knee-to-the-groin manoeuvres than the other newbies *evil grin* And y’all wonder why people don’t mess with me!

  5. Woo Hoo!! You go girl.

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