Ebay + PayPal = Pain in NECK

I love ebay.

At least I did.

The shine is wearing off fast with their bloody ridiculous pushing of PayPal. The fact is, I would’ve had a PayPal account by now if it hadn’t been relentlessly shoved in my face as the ‘smart’ option. I can cope with special ebay-paypal promotions. I can cope with them making sure that people know that it’s an option, and why they think it’s a great one. But when I try to pay for an item (or someone tries to pay for one that I’m selling, dammit), and I’m made to think that PayPal is the only option (when it’s not), and bank details can’t be accessed even though they’re available to ebay… that’s when I think ‘dodgy dealer’ and start wanting to leave negative feedback.


So, any recommendations for alternatives?


2 Responses

  1. nope.

    but I agree. Ebay is getting far too pushy with the whol paypal thing

  2. I like how they can freeze your account for any reason.

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