7 Weird Things

Bettina tagged me for this meme.

Geez, how am I going to come up with SEVEN whole things about me that’re weird? This normal lil chicky? *snigger*

  1. I once dyed a white cat. Not my finest hour. I was young and drunk. Not that that’s an excuse, but it’s an explanation, now isn’t it? The cat didn’t seem to mind. It was the 6-washes type of hair dye, and was artistically swirled in red and black. Here’s a hint for anyone thinking it sounds like a great idea: Cat hair is different to human hair. For the rest of the time that I had him, complete strangers consistently approached me to ask about his ancestry, because it never washed out. Whoops.
  2. My hair. Right now it’s brown (*yawn*), but it’s usually far more entertaining. Want proof? This is me just before going into hospital for heart surgery (I wanted to make sure the nurses would remember me):
  3. Blue hair

  4. I do have my very own compulsive component. Luckily for me, I tend to be quite aware of it and able to combat it before I drive hubby TOO mad. One aspect of life that I used to be excessively compulsive about is dressing. Everything had to go on in the right order. Undies, bra, top, jeans/shorts, jumper, socks, shoes. I’ve relaxed a little these days 😉 But that’s nothing compared to a guy I once had as a flatmate. He stressed whenever I washed the dishes because I put them in the drainer wrong. He had his extensive CD collection arranged, not in alphabetical order, but by serial number on the CD. Have you ever even noticed that CDs have serial numbers? He was a lovely guy, though.
  5. I talk to complete strangers. Often on public transport. It’s a pleasant way to while away a dull journey, and sometimes brighten a person’s day a little. Or have them brighten mine. Usually this doesn’t result in serious friendships, although I do have one friend who I met on a bus and – get this – grabbed her phone number because she wanted to play Killer Bunnies with us. That’s a card game, nothing RUDE. She still comes over to visit… although not as regularly, what with us having moved about 30km away.
  6. I write fiction near-compulsively when I’m doing a lot of hard mental work. So during my HSC (end of high school exams, for the non-NSW and non-Aussie people) I wrote a lot… and right now I’m writing heaps. I write manuals for a living, and it’s hard work mentally because the software is complicated, and it relies on other software, and a couple of different operating systems… all of which I’ve got to understand.
  7. I have never finished a tertiary qualification, despite starting many. But I’ve learnt a lot – most of my study has been in communication, counselling, welfare. And a bit of biblical study too!
  8. I hate spiders. I try not to, but I do. On the other hand, I love snakes. Go figure.

I’m supposed to tag someone, but most people I know have done it, and I’m feeling lazy. So – I tag YOU. If you’ve already done it, you’re exempt just this once.


2 Responses

  1. That hair is stunning!

    And I couldn’t help but giggle at the cat. I know, I know… poor cat.

    Still funny, though.

  2. The hair did get the desired results, at least 😀 They StILL remember me.

    Yeah, I usually giggle a bit about the cat… guiltily of course!

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