Sweetness and Light

The title describes me perfectly right now.

I got out all my aggression in an oh-cripes-that-hurts kickboxing class this morning (yes, the psychotically early one!). Dang – I feel good!

Don’t worry, the sweetness-and-light thing won’t last long. It never does 😉


5 Responses

  1. phew, well that’s a relief! 😉

  2. That I got the aggression out, or that the sweetness and light won’t last long? 😉

  3. Kick boxing? Jeez – that sounds pretty scary! 😀

  4. Katie – a good kickboxing class isn’t too scary from a fitness perspective, especially when it’s actually aimed more towards increasing fitness than beating people up 😉 But I DO love the ‘mental note: don’t mess with her’ reaction I get from some people. Why BE scary when you just have to drop an occasional scary-sounding sentence like “6am kickboxing was a killer this morning!” Muahahaha. Reputation as a fanatical beater-up-of-irritants going cheap!

  5. Kickboxing is a fantastic agro killer.

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