I Gotta Day Off…

… but if you’re feeling envious or wanting to scratch my eyes out, don’t bother. I have the day off work and childcare, but I have a houseload of housework to do. Drat. Spit.

I think we have a mouse again. On the bright side, it took them a few months to forget that coming into this house isn’t smart (the last mouse who didn’t learn that ended up as a used cat’s toy). On the not-so-bright side, we have houseguests turning up tomorrow and the mouse has been frequenting the guest room. Sigh. Oh well, at least our guest likes cats.

Geez, I’ve been boring lately. I’m surprised anyone’s still visiting this blog, to be frank. OK, lemme think…

I know! Vaguely interesting news!

For those who’ve enjoyed my fiction, this might get you drooling a tad.

I’m currently compiling an ebook of my fairytales, to be entitled Life in a Fairytale (unless I think of something better). It’ll be offered as a pdf, the printable kind – and either straight-out free, or free-but-pay-some-money-if-you-want.

That better? 😉

3 Responses

  1. Boring, never.

    We can’t always be bright little buttons.

  2. True.

    And those who are scare me a little. I keep expecting them to crack and kill lots of complete strangers 😛

  3. never boring, just busy, but that happens to us all at times.

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