Earning ‘Pocket Money’

Money’s a little tight at the moment. Hence, I’m paying more attention to the little money earners that I’ve basically ignored for the last 3 or 4 years. And I thought I’d share them with you, in case others haven’t discovered this way of earning small amounts of money with small amounts of effort.

You’re probably well aware that there are sites out there which pay people money to do surveys, watch ads, etc. Heck, you could well be a member of far more than me! But in case you’re not, here’s a quick rundown of my two favourites (and yes, the links will earn me some once off money if you click on them, AND sign up, AND earn yourself some cash). I don’t want you to get the impression that you can actually earn a living this way… earnings are pretty small. But extra money is nice sometimes 🙂


This is my favourite. They started rather wobbily a few years ago, but now they feature a well designed, simple to use site and a lot of ad sponsors. I don’t have my entire profile filled in, and I probably go and click through offers twice a week… I’d say it’d take three months of that sort of minimal effort to raise $30, deposited into my bank account.


Apparently they’re planning a site redesign soon… hallelujah! This site has been running for years as well, and I’ll give them credit, they’ve been consistent in providing surveys and paid ads for the vast majority of the time. Not as simple to use as PureProfile, but still fairly easy once you learn your way around.


3 Responses

  1. I’m a big fan of WDYT (What do you think) and “Your Voice”. Sadly I don’t have the time online these days to give them as much attention as they often require.

  2. great thinking Naomi 😉 – I got $40 last year off pure profile but over 6-8 months and now I have about $25 since then.
    I am a little peeved with last lot of surveys where I have filled in sometimes 25-33% and got 20c for 5 or more mins – then been knocked off .

    I did email cash a long time ago I hope it has improved.

  3. Marita… Hmm I’ll have to check those out sometime! Sound interesting.

    Trish… Yeah, know the feeling on the surveys. Geez, just ask me how old I am, where I live and what I have between my legs, dammit! Re emailcash, sort of. They make small improvements every year or so, they’re better, but they need more, and fairly fast imo.

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