Caught Between Two Cultures

Sometimes having grown up in a town full of Germans in the middle of the Aussie bush sucks a bit.

Usually it’s related to food.

See, when you grow up in an area with its own traditions, you get a taste for certain traditional foods. Have a desperate craving for some of it? Buy some on ebay, or google the recipe (with the region in the search terms, if need be). If you come across some weird modernised version, you can PFFFFT dismissively and mutter about bastardising fine old traditions.

All the traditions I grew up with were already bastardised. If I ate streusel in Germany, I’d probably spit it out in disgust. Because it’s REAL traditional, not Aussie/German ‘synergy’. Which makes recipes hard to find, at times. I look for ‘streusel’ recipes on Google and don’t know whether to PFFFFT or cry. Those aren’t streusel, dammit! I tried searching on ‘streusel recipe “<my home town>”‘ and Google laughed at me.
On the other hand, I can always call my mother and ask her to email me the recipe. Life aint all bad! Although I still can’t find those half licorice, half mint lollies anywhere.

2 Responses

  1. My MIL used to make the yummiest German deserts sadly she never wrote down her recipes and now we are trying to figure out through guess work how she made some of those yummy treats.

  2. Oh, that sucks, Marita!

    Somehow, Germans seem to’ve put all their genius into desserts. Weird. I mean, what are their savoury contributions to cuisine? Sauerkraut and sausages.

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