Ways to Make Me Laugh My Guts Out

Kudos to one Australian magazine for making me laugh till I puke (almost) –

New Idea

New Idea Cover Page

In case you can’t read that (sorry, it was the largest image I could find!), it says,

Tom & Katie’s Secret Split (geez, how many times have they reported that one?)


Your Ultimate Brain Workout




New Idea provides me with my ultimate brain workout? What is it, a challenge to lose the most IQ points in ten minutes?


5 Responses

  1. LOL – you can read it the ER or DR’s rooms whilst waiting and the same news is still current 2 years later.

    Missed you !

  2. oooooo I’m going to the Dr’s shortly, so I can pick up a 2 yr old mag and catch up then! lol

  3. Bahahahaha… so I’m not the only one who feels like their brain has been slammed into the back of my skull when I read that type of ‘champagne journalism’?

  4. babyamore: Good point! 😀

    Bettina: have fun at the doctor’s?

    Anja: It’s more of a slow melting feeling for me.

  5. ROFL: I was reading an old (and I do mean old) issue of this or some other magazine in the doctors one day, and it proclaimed to all and sundry that Nicole Kidman was 3 months pregnant. It must have been the world’s longest pregnancy, because as far as I know she’s never given birth!

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