Hallelujah, Genius Strikes Again!

Bubba Boy and I have been driving each other mad every day that we’re at home together.

The problem is simple… he’s a born geek, and wants to play with the computer. I’m a trained geek, and I don’t want a clumsy evil genius anywhere near my one and only precious.

Fortunately, I came up with a solution. It’s like a baby jail for adults. One huge lounge and two ginormous armchairs put together, and we have a lounged-off section of the loungeroom that Bubba Boy can’t get into (until he learns rockclimbing, anyhow). W00t! Stick the computer and telephone and other assorted goodies (like books… he loves books) in there, and you have something resembling sanity. Not because I hide in there all day, but because I don’t have to yell “NO!” anywhere near as often, then watch as Bubba Boy giggles and wipes the hard drive anyway.

Ahhh… the peace is amazing. Now, I predict, he’s gonna go after the power points. *gulp*


8 Responses

  1. *sob* but what am I two do with two devil spawn who want to play on my precious who can climb lounges!!

  2. Ummm.

    Buy them a secondhand el cheapo craptactular one? That’s what I’m considering doing for Bubba Boy 🙂

  3. We used an extra large playpen for a while there. It went around the computer desk and chair – sort of like a fence to keep baby out. So instead of sticking the kids in the playpen we adults stuck ourselves in there to keep the kids away from our PC.

  4. LOL – what a clever little bubba – when will we see his blog ?
    you have my sympathies and I am so jealous …. I have two little geeks here … love everything electronic – I had them blocked off for awhile but we had to enlarge the play area.
    They know how to push things over , move chairs and climb now …

    One always sets my mobile to silent ! Both steal the remotes and they have turned off my computer harddrive many times.

  5. And Bubba Boy is thinking to himself,

    “When she least expects it, I shall conquer the mountain and gain access to the Precious”

  6. Marita: *snicker* The irony, eh? Adults in their playpen… bet babies get a huge laugh outta that one!

    Babyamore: *snort* Blogging baby… hmmm… maybe I can hold him off til he’s 4?

    Anja: LMAO

  7. LOL I’ve only got problems with the dog trying to climb on my lap and hitting the keyboard…and FB kicking me off every other minute 😉

  8. Jayne: I’d love my own computer for that exact reason… hubby kicking me off to do ‘tafe work’ for crying out loud! Where are his priorities???

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