There’s Klingons on the Starboard Bow

Bubba Boy has been replaced with a changeling.

THIS Bubba Boy doesn’t just want me for food and nappy changes and swinging wildly through the air upside down (him, not me). THIS Bubba Boy wants to play with me. Except he’s not sure how you play with someone, I think, so he just yells if I’m not in easy reach and occasionally gives me a crumb he found on the floor.

All this playing is really cutting into my computer time 😀


5 Responses

  1. Now he’s coming into his all powerful reign…allowing you on the computer when and if he decides lol 😛

  2. *snort* Tell me about it! I’ve got to admit, though, he’s been doing a bit of yelling 😉 Except big brother has been around to amuse him this weekend, so he’s coped fine with me neglecting him.

    We have had progress on the ‘how to play with someone’ question. He’s decided that climbing on me and requiring specific movements (but none that aren’t asked for, hell no, that’s a screaming offense, despite not being eloquent enough to tell me what the heck he wants!). I have no idea what he’s doing. Maybe the hokey pokey.

  3. I’ve got so much to learn about kids.

  4. probably the hokey pokey.

    Kids are strange at that age!

  5. Anja: doesn’t everyone! This is my second and I’m still clueless.

    Bettina: They sure are!

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