She’s a Day Tripper


Stumble out of bed with slightly more enthusiasm than usual. Put Bubba Boy’s lunch on to cook. Turn kettle on. Stick bread in toaster. Yawn widely. Make coffee and toast, turn on computer and check out some blogs. Pack Bubba Boy’s bag for childcare, including now-yummy lentils for lunch.


Make coffee and brekky for hubby. While he’s still vulnerable, ask him to take Bubba Boy to childcare. W00t! Worked a treat. Shower. Dress. Finish off cold coffee (erk). On a strange whim, check weather report for day trip location. Strong wind warnings. Crud. Stuff it – going anyway!


Sit on train and watch very-familiar scenery go by. Sooooo bored. Decide to work on Monica’s story. That entertains me for about a paragraph. Hrmmm. Fine. I get out ‘Shirley’ and start reading instead.


Get on the bus and find a lovely, polite, caring bus driver. Ahhhhhh. A nice little luxury!


Arrive at my day trip location and smell fresh, fishy, seaweedy air. I start to relax a little. I buy some olives and other picnic food, head over to the grass near the water, and make myself at home. GAH! Seagulls! OK – I’ve convinced them I’m scary. Back to reading, eating and soaking up the intermittent sunlight. I take occasional walks along the beach, I’m not completely lazy.


An elderly man – complete stranger – walks up to me where I’m reading a book, and starts to talk. Hmmmm. I have a quick look at him… torn trousers, holey shoes, scruffy jumper, no stench of alcohol. Seems safe. So I chat for a little while, then tell him that I was about to go have a coffee (I was!) – would he like to join me? Yup, he would. So off we head for a coffee. The interesting thing about this guy is that we’re carrying on an operational conversation about Brisbane and the like, but he remembers things I’ve said for only a couple of minutes at a time. Which means it’s not overly hard to keep a conversation going if you’re an avid recycler! He tells me about his teaching career, and where he’s been. Interesting bloke. Then I look at my watch, realise that my bus is leaving soon, and tell him I have to dash. He comes across the road to wait for the bus with me. Then he decides to check with some bus company staff when the bus is due. The bus coes while he’s checking, so I get on while waving. He looks stricken. But he smiles and waves, and doesn’t follow me onto the bus, which I was half-expecting by that time. Phew!


Arrive at the train station, where I’m wanting to catch a train home. Hmmm… signage… OK, the city’s that way. Good start! Platforms are clearly, carefully and repetitively marked. Errr… good, if a little overboard. Which platform goes to the city is marked… nowhere. Sigh. I ask, and she tells me the right platform with a hint of “are you stupid?” Clearly I’ve missed something. I wait for an impressively long time. Fortunately, I have a bag of jelly beans and a book to keep me company.


Regale hubby with the story of my adventure. He explains that he spent most of the day wildly jealous of me, because both of his classes were cancelled and he spent the day watching dumb videos and trying to learn something. I make dinner, then yawn and head for bed – for once feeling as though I’ve had a damn good day 🙂


8 Responses

  1. Wow, sounds like a great day for recharging your batteries! 🙂
    Got a few stations that expect commuters to have ESP for the correct platform too lol, know how you feel 😉

  2. It was fantastic 🙂 I think the elderly gentleman kinda made it… I don’t feel as though I’ve had a proper day out without a weird encounter to talk about! And I wasn’t even displaying the “come and talk to me” tshirt… 😀

    Yeah, Brissie’s probably the worst city I’ve come across for such things… but I’m sure there are others I just haven’t come across yet 😉

  3. yeah, Brissie can be confusing as all get out when it comes to their trains.

    Glad you had such a great day ………………. and that the strange old man didn’t follow you home! 😉

  4. what an encounter – heck you probably made that old guy’s day – even year – good on you !
    I am jealous of your day trip – how adventurous you are.
    I am glad he didn’t follow you home too.

  5. Wow, sounds an awesome day.

    Love how you spoke to the old man, loads of people wouldn’t.

  6. I’m not sure an encounter with me would usually make _anyone’s_ day… 😀

    He was lovely, though… was telling me about Ipswich and Brisbane and London and other places he’d worked 🙂

  7. I must admit, it would have freaked me out. I’m so shy I crawl up my own bum when people speak to me.

  8. Anja – I’d love to see that 😀 I used to be shy… but i think moving to sydney cured me. I moved from a tiny town where i was the resident geek, and went to uni with 100 or so nerds… when i realised _I_ was the main topic of conversation for them, i think i gained some confidence 😀

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