The sun is shining, and I’m freezing.

A smart person would probably do the math and move outside. But I don’t have a laptop, so that’s just not an option right now 😉

I’ve decided that Ipswich is colder than Brisbane. Duh. But what’s a little weird is that we’ve gone straight from hot summer days to cold-ish winter. No autumn this year. At least I hope so. Because otherwise winter is going to freeeze my arse off. And I LIKE my arse.

It seems weird to even contemplate whinging about the cold in Queensland. I mean, exactly what sort of wussbag have I turned into? When I was growing up, negative temperatures at night weren’t uncommon. I remember breaking the ice on puddles on the way to school. Then I moved up to Sydney, and loved the nice warm winters, and laughed at the residents who’d moved from up north and were freezing miserably. Then I moved up to Queensland. Now I’m one of those northern wussbags who freezes in a Sydney winter, dammit.

What the hell happened to me?


6 Responses

  1. You acclimatised!

    That was something I LOVED about QLD for the few short years I was there………. swimming in winter while everyone else was freezing their butts off! lol

  2. It could be worse – you could be in Melbourne! It has actually been quite nice the last couple of days though. I love your header!

  3. Hey planningqueen, thanks for stopping by 🙂 Mmmmm… Melbourne would be a little chillier. I’d love to live there for a while though. Itchy, itchy feet!

  4. It has been pissing down rain in Sydney for days. How many cubits were in that Ark?

  5. Cold nights but really nice days here in Melb, the heat goes out of the day at 4pm like switching off a light lol.
    No child under 12 feels the heat/cold and no adult under 25 complains about the heat/cold.
    So we’re all old 😛

  6. lol, yup we must surely all be old!

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