Daniel Radcliffe’s Love Life Lack

Oh lordy.

Most young men just have to contend with their mates and family showing far too much interest in their love life.

Poor Dan Radcliffe – the actor who played Harry Potter in the movies of the same name, if you’ve missed the hype – has the world speculating about:

a) whether he’ll get together with the actress who played Hermione

b) whether he’ll get together with anyone

c) if he does, whether she’ll be an Aussie

Actually, it’s just the Aussie media going nuts on the last point. The Daily Telegraph went so far as to call it “a plot worthy of a Harry Potter novel”. If I were Ms Rowling, I’d take a lot of offense at that. Apparently the two women possibly involved are likely to have their hearts broken by Radcliffe’s latest “I was only joking” media release. Despite only meeting him for a few minutes. For crying out loud… can we inject a little bit of realism into this picture?

Poor bloke.


2 Responses

  1. it’s a load of crap aint it?

  2. I agree … wonder if he will feature in the Hot hunk Thursday …though he is a bit young for me

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