Whoops, the Update!

Sorry, folks. Don’t you hate it when people leave you hanging?

The job interview… honestly, I’m not sure how it went. I was unsure how I’d fit into the company, and said so. I also said that they should have an idea about who I am now, and could hopefully tell better than I if I’d be a good fit.

The reason it was so difficult is that this seems to be a company which puts a strong emphasis on formal education (I done got none), and is necessarily farily rigid in some of its processes and policies. It also seems a little overly rigid in some ways. Yet the actual team that is advertising is quite unstructured and flexible. It’s enough to do my head in, I tell ya!

So, I suspect that my ‘meh, you decide’ response may well be interpreted as ‘she’s not particularly interested’. And I dunno, maybe that’s true. While my current job causes me to want to bite people on a regular basis, it’s not all bad. I’m not keen to move from having lots of control over some aspects of my job to having none. I want to move to a position where I have lots of responsibilty and the resources to do my job well. I frequently say in interviews that incompetency infuriates me… well it does, and I want to get less infuriated, not more!

Geez, at this rate I’ll never get a new job. I’m starting to think someone at my current job has hexed me, you know. I started looking for a new job two bloody years ago. I was keen on the first position I interviewed for. They liked me too, but liked someone else a tad more. Darn. I got pregnant (bit of a shock, that). I got the second job I interviewed for, despite telling them about the pregnancy during the interview. I loved them, they loved me. Then their company had some financial issues and the official job offer never came through. Sigh. Then the first company called the agent back – their first choice had been headhunted, was their second-best still available? Sigh. I told the agent that yes I was, but I knew their deadlines were tight – tell them I’m pregnant and get back to me. He never did. After I had Bubba Boy, the second company got back in touch – they’d finally gotten funding back and remembered that they’d promised me the job. Except… they only had funding for a contract, and the applicant must have solid experience in a piece of software that I’ve hardly ever used. Snot.

Lucky my self-confidence is in fantastic shape, right? Otherwise I’d be a snivelling wreck! 😀


5 Responses

  1. MPS had similar difficulty when changing careers from radio to IT. He had all the experience and knowledge but not the piece of paper. Then he started the training and was headhunted halfway through.

    Sometimes I think companies are a bit to hung up on qualifications rather than quality.

    It will happen for you babe, the right job is just around the corner I can feel it!

  2. Thanks Kelley 🙂 It’s got to eventually, right?

  3. right.

    It’s gots to be.

    You just haven’t found the right corner yet is all. 🙂

  4. When you find that right job, all this fluffing around with interviews will have been worth it 🙂

  5. Damn, I hope so, ladies! 🙂 There’s an ad for MyCareer being run on TV atm – “This is _____. He just got your dream job” …. Great, cos I NEEDED the TV hassling me too! 😀

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