German Streusel Cake – Recipe

I’ve finally gotten hold of my mother’s streusel recipe! WOOHOO!

I’ve modified it slightly, because in my humble opinion, the ratios are a bit off in Mum’s version. And my version is vegan. If I don’t post any more after this, you’ll know that Mum reads my blog 😀

German Streusel Cake


2 cups S R flour
¾ cup sugar
2 handfuls sultanas
½ – 1 teaspoon vanilla
pinch mace (or nutmeg)
pinch salt
1 cup soy milk (or dairy, if you prefer)
50 – 60 g margarine (soy margarine or Nuttelex if you’re making this vegan)

Heat the soy milk and margarine in a saucepan over a low flame until the margarine melts. Mix the dry ingredients well, then add the warm soy milk and margarine mix. Stir well. Spread cake mix over base of a slab or lamington tin.


1 cup plain flour
½ cup sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
½ teaspoon nutmeg

Blend in enough margarine – approx. 50g – with hands to form a moist crumble.

Spread topping evenly over the cake mix (I pat it down a bit too) & bake at 180 deg for 40 – 45 minutes.


Leave out the sultanas and spread a thin layer of pureed, cooked apple over the cake mix before adding the topping.


Have you baked this cake? I’d love to get your feedback!

Increasing the temperature to 250 degrees for the last 5 minutes sometimes gives the topping a crispy crust. Quite nice, if you can manage it.

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12 Responses

  1. “Love is a great cup of coffee” Oooooooooooooooooooh yeah, ain’t that the truth.

    Streusel with soy milk, YAY!!!!! Thanks so much for this. Even with my distinct lack of kitchen prowess, I just have to give this a shot.

  2. It’s pretty easy. That’s one thing I love about it 🙂 The other is the taste… *droooooool* One bit of advice I can give is – better to put too much margarine in the topping crumble than too little. People will forgive undercooking and overcooking if the crumble’s tasty!

  3. Awesome! And I can make this for my German in-laws and impress them. Especially awesome because my brother in-law, and 2 nephews are dairy allergic and my daughter is dairy intolerant. Woo!

    Hmmm quick check of my pantry reveals I have all the required ingredients. I’m off to do some baking.

  4. Marita – let me know how it goes! 🙂

  5. […] made Naomi’s German Streusel Cake but instead of using pureed apples I used my apple butter, (Hmmm that apple butter link has […]

  6. Nomes, Aha, I knew I would find it.

    I am adding this to my recipe book.

    I shall call it Naomi’s German Strudel Cake.

  7. WS – Streusel, not strudel!!! 😉 Heathen!

  8. […] as a treat for myself, I made Mummy of Nomes German Streusel Cake. Yum, yum, yum. The kids and I made it yesterday and it is SCRUMMY. A must try !!! I am going to use […]

  9. Made it, loved it, will make it again.

    Hubby just ADORED it, and didn’t leave us much …. lol

  10. My mum used to make streusel cake with pureed cherries. We’d have it warm with custard for dessert on Sundays.

  11. Just made it again, this time with sultanas AND apple puree.

    Taking it to a playdate. As soon as Celtic Lad saw what it was he was very happy and said YUM.

    It’s a real hit here.

    I also made it for some German friends of ours.

  12. River – Mmmm, cherries – now there’s an idea!

    WS – Woohoo! Great to hear that it’s a hit.

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