I’m fairly sure that this blog has more subscribers than people who’ve commented.

That’s fine – I don’t mind at all if you don’t comment.

But if you’re just shy, or just haven’t gotten round to it yet, this is an open invitation to say hi 🙂 For that matter, if you’ve happened on this blog randomly while searching for pictures of Daniel Radcliffe naked, feel free to say hi too! Although you’ll probably be too disappointed to be very friendly 😛

6 Responses

  1. You don’t have Harry in the buff?

    *slumps from the room all disappointed*

  2. LOL

    Yeah, life is horribly disappointing some days 😉

  3. Hey Nomes. *waves*

  4. Hi

    I’ve seen a photo of Danny boy nekkid….

  5. have you?
    Is he as skinny as he appears?

  6. Just saw that Harry lad nekkid on Anja’s blog and I am sooooooo gonna lose weight by just thinking of it.
    Oh the horror!

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