Tell Me Something…

Is this current header gorgeous, blah, or annoying as all hell?


10 Responses

  1. deep, rich…………

    but leaves me pretty ambivalent

  2. ahhh – take that back.

    It didn’t load properly before.

    I likes it!

  3. i like it too!

  4. I like it. It’s different, it’s eye catching. What’s not to like?

  5. Your name is up in lights! I likes it.

  6. its kool!, i like the bit where it turns orange.

  7. I like it. Love the Winamp Skin too. And the desktop.

  8. Cool! I wasn’t sure if it’d catch the eye too much – like blinking text, I HATE that stuff passionately.

  9. I like your name in lights …

  10. I like it. Eye catching without being too over the top.

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