What About Me?

(by the way, I HATE that song. Bloody pathetic whingy lyrics that get stuck in my HEAD!)

I noticed that I haven’t been posting much about myself lately.

Ummm… I think this is mostly because I find myself intensely boring, atm.

On the bright side, I won a Pay It Forward competition on Riayn’s blog – woohooo!

Apart from that… I’ve managed a bit of writing, but I’m not particularly happy with it. Either it drags, or it skips forward too fast. Grrrr.


See, I’m boring myself again.

I’m off to dream about a life that’s merely dull (a step up).

6 Responses

  1. Now don’t beat yourself up too much. 😉

    The stuff YOU may find boring is probably really interesting. Write about boredom; the humdrum stuff that is going on. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY doesn’t have times they feel like their life is a zit the size of Vesuvius on the backside of life.

    You’re not boring!

  2. My blog is actually at http://ww.dancingaboutarchitecture.org
    I have got no idea who owns http://www.dancingaboutarchitecture.com Let’s hope it is not a porn site.

    Congrats on winning the competition!

  3. It happens.

    We still love you anyhow 😛

  4. I feel a bit the same but I can’t help posting about anything really.
    Hoping for brighter days with blogging fodder for you.

    Now I got that song in my head … “it is fair” and neither is life

  5. I love that song! Not the stupid Australian Idol reject guy’s version but the original Moving Pictures one.

    It is about a kid with Autism. But I loved it before.

    Anyway, wander around the blogworld girl, I am so surprised at some blogs that get 100’s of comments for basically ‘I went shopping today and this is what I bought’ type posts. Then there are brilliant writers that get none. I don’t understand it.

    So never call yourself boring. And honestly, it seems to be a common theme everywhere ATM. We are all feeling a bit bloggy blocked.

  6. There ya go, Kelley, I didn’t know that!

    I don’t know that other people find me boring… but damn my life is, atm! 😀 Ahhh well. Better boring than filled with the wrong sort of excitement, eh? 😉

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