WordPress’ Possibly Related Posts

WordPress have released a new feature for wordpress.com blogs, and it might just be up and running on yours (if you have one).

What is it?

The Possibly Related Posts feature adds 3 autolinks to the bottom of each of your posts, like this:

It links to posts in your blog or other people’s blogs. Which means that people reading your blog may expand their blog-reading with little effort or searching. See WordPress’ announcement for a bit more information.

Where You’ll See It

Possibly Related Posts will currently display in individual post pages only, not on your main page. When a post is displayed on your main page, it will be autolink-free. If a user clicks through to the individual post page (eg. to view comments or leave one of their own), they’ll see the autolinks.

The Feature Future

The WordPress team are hoping to add extra options to this feature in the near-ish future. Most discussed is allowing you to have some control over which blogs you link to, and which blogs link to you (see Matt’s comment).

Turning it off

Getting rid of this new feature is quite simple. Be aware, though, that if your blog doesn’t display these automatic links, then it won’t get any traffic from blogs which do.

  1. Go to your WordPress Admin panel (http://(your blog address)/wp-admin)
  2. Click on the Design tab.
  3. Click on Extras.
  4. Tick the Hide related links on this blog, which means this blog won’t show up on other’s blogs or get traffic that way checkbox.
  5. Click on Update Extras.

2 Responses

  1. One day I may get the courage up to change over to wordpress (coz I’m likin’ all their plugins, bells and whistles) but for now I’ll keep wrestling blogger and templates and html coding that gives me nightmares…which keeps me from taking over the world with pinkie and the brain, brain, brain, brain, brain…..

  2. Mmmm… they’re no’ so bad, speaking as one who made the switch.

    But the lack of flexibility in templates bugs me at times.

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