What Do YOU Think?

I’m wondering if people reading this blog find the variety of topics off-putting, interesting, wildly amusing, irritating, intriguing, frustrating, patronising, boring…. etc.

So I’d love to hear your opinions. What you like, not what you think others might or might not like.

Of course, I don’t guarantee to change anything if you happen to hate it. I’d just like to know 😉

10 Responses

  1. I like the variation of topics.

    Your blog is not a mummy blog, a geek blog, a rant blog – although it could contain that type of content from time to time.

    I’m relatively new to blogging, so it may be better to seek the opinion of those who have been at it for longer. But imho if you try to structure your blog to suit an audience, it will fall flat on its ass. I used to read a few blogs like that, and they seemed like they were writing for higher stats.

    Honey, this is your own little piece of the interweb. Do what comes naturally to you.

  2. the randomness is quite appealing Nomes – I’m primarily drawn to blogs that are organised around a theme though (knitting, cooking etc) and the ones that work best introduce life stuff around that.

    Maybe your theme is randomness? I even read the Christian related topics but more out of voyeurism than actual connection to the subject. Is that bad to admit?

  3. I like the randomness too I must admit.

    Your blog is like the bloggy version of a lucky dip my dear and it’s all good just how it is

  4. Interesting – thanks gals!

    Anja – don’t worry, I wasn’t planning to change everything to try to hit a demographic. It’s just that I’m an chaotic soul with an orderly mind, and I tend to want each blog to have a particular theme. Except this one does kind of have ‘randomness’ as its theme, as Bells so aptly said 🙂

    Bells – Ithink voyeurism is the glue that holds the blogging world together 😉

    Bettina – oh the mental pictures! 😀

  5. I also like the randomness … mine is somewhat random too.
    t adds to the surprise of what we can expect or actually not expect ?

  6. I like to see what the titles are when the feed drops in and I try and have a guess what topic it might be on. I thought this one might be on a new header again, so I was wrong. I like the variety.

  7. Trish – yup, always interesting to see what you’ll blog about… not to mention the photos 🙂

    PQ – LOL. That gives me an idea for a competition…

  8. Love the variety, keep it coming! 🙂

  9. Thanks Jayne 🙂

  10. I enjoy it. Keeps it interesting to read.

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