Arsehats and Cellulite

I thought I’d borrow MBT‘s term for my title, because it sprang instantly to mind when I read this article about Mischa Barton’s *gasp* cellulite.

‘Fuckwits’ also came to mind.

Cellulite is standard in the bodies of most women. It’s mostly caused by estrogen. In other words, if you’re female and past puberty, there’s a good chance you’ll develop it. Unless you have NO fat under your skin (whoops, dead) or have a combination of genes or lifestyle factors that aren’t yet understood.

Presumably Mischa Barton has gone through puberty.

So what’s the issue?

Oh yeah.

Couldn’t be bothered getting off your own arse and getting something vaguely newsworthy or human-interesting to write about.


Ironically, there are no pictures of the journo anywhere near this article. Or, as far as I could find, a name.


Show us your cellulite, arsehat!

PS. If you’re interested in learning more about cellulite, have a look at Wikipedia’s article, or this study on causes of cellulite.


5 Responses

  1. Methinks that they just got 2 headline words and tried to make a story out of them. Most stars have cellulite, they just get it air brushed out.

  2. So tired of this lazy-type of journalism, it’s a waste of space and gives the journo a rep as a pathetic oxygen thief.

  3. 183cms, 60 kilos and you can find cellulite on this gal’s body.

    People rotting on the streets in Burma and Mischa Barton’s cellulite is newsworthy. *shakes head* This journo is so scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  4. People aren’t airbrushed in real life. People give way too much credence to the bullshit that everyone has have the body image of a 13 year old supermodel. Real women have real curves, in all shapes and sizes, dimples and all. And damnit, I love that they do.

  5. yeah, it’s bullshit isn’t it?

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