Ode to Coffee

Coffee, how I love thee
Let me count the ways
I love thy bold effect on me
Thy taste upon my tongue

I love thy warmth in my belly
Thy sweetening of mine mood
Thy arousal of my vigour
To do what work I should

I love thee in the early morn
When sun doth blush to rise
I love thee in the dark of night
When a babe doth scream and yawn

I love thee, blessed coffee
Though my kidneys fail and pain
I love thee, for thou keepest me
Awake, the whole day long.


8 Responses

  1. God bless coffee.

  2. it’s moments like this when I wish I understood the relationship between coffee and coffee drinkers, but alas, I cannot stand the stuff.

  3. 🙂 Ironically, I wrote this a few days ago… then stopped drinking caffeinated beverages yesterday. Watch me suffer! 😀

  4. Used to eat me a jar of coffee every day but now I’m a tea drinker…with a very occasional side-track into coffee land 😛

  5. You stopped drinking whaaaaaaaaaaaaat????

    *feels for pulse*

    Very meaningful poetry for coffee. Liking it.

  6. Jayne – Whoooo! Now that’s a woman to beware of! Reminds me of Popeye!

    Anja – It gets worse. I’m drinking ‘Caro’ (Nestle coffee-substitute) and… enjoying it!

    PS. Never think you have to prasie my poetry, gals. It’s always bad, because I couldn’t be bothered spending enough time getting the rhymes and rhythms right… but sometimes funny 😛

  7. Heck, I don’t do praise unless I think its good.

    It sums up my destructive relationship with coffee right down to the future renal failure when my kidneys are bound to pack up and move out.

  8. Anja – ta, babe.

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