A Prime Cause of Constipation

… is scary signs on toilet doors. Like this one:

No-one wants to see that sort of sign on their local loo door. I mean, what on earth am I supposed to do differently? Not have wild sex in there? (I have a couch for that sort of thing) Avoid banging on the wall and asking someone to lob some toilet paper over the partition? Under no circumstances, sneeze?? The mind boggles as the anxiety levels rise, and I find myself wanting to duck and cover my head just in case I get attacked by flying wall tiles in midstream.

Nasty people.


4 Responses

  1. Damn that’s another loo out of bounds for Spiderman !

  2. Maybe it is a ploy to ensure that all toilet breaks are very quick! 🙂

  3. Jayne – oh man, bad mental image of Spidie crouching upside down on a toilet wall to pee!

    Bettina – yup. On the bright side, they have now just taken said tiles OFF the wall. Now there’s just the sign, and the walls to fear.

    PQ – Hmmm… clever business strategy. Maybe that’s what happened to the chick at the taxi company that I was talking to the other day… she certainly sounded shitty.

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