I’m tired.

Like, dead tired.

The last few posts were (almost) all written a week ahead of time. So I’ve managed to present an awake face to the world.

However, now I’ve run out of pre-written, awake posts. And I’ve realised that being slightly under-the-weather (nothing major), plus getting interrupted sleep for a couple of nights, plus upping my workdays to three per week (plus looking after Bubba Boy another 3 days/wk), is bound to equal me looking in the general direction of the computer and snoring. So if I haven’t been commenting on your blog – don’t worry, you’re not the only one deprived of my razor-sharp wit and sparklink repartee. If I don’t respond to your comments on this blog, I’m not horribly offended. And if this blog goes quiet – SHHHHhhhhh, I’m sleeping.

Love you all. I’m sure I’ll dream about you. Last night Widdle Shamrock was baking me a streusel cake and calling it strudel, and I was trying to explain the difference, but I couldn’t remember, and finished up telling her that it was a religious thing. Hmmm. I suppose that makes sense, I DID grow up Lutheran.

6 Responses

  1. :: hands over pillow and warm blanket ::

    sleep well my friend.

  2. WS always was an inventive cook 😉 lmao

  3. Thanks Marita 🙂

    Bettina – Yup. Hmmm… strudel streusel. Interesting concept. Apple wrapped in pastry with streusel crumble on top. Could be a big hit, WS!

  4. Nana naps are never over-rated.
    Sweet dreams 😉

  5. Jayne – MWAH. Ta.

  6. I am so with you on the tiredness factor, wish I had a few more posts up my sleeve, so I could catch some more zzzz’s!

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