How Not to Order a Taxi

Taxi Company: Hello, where are you?

Me: Boganville Shopping Centre

Taxi Company: Can I get a name, please?

Me: Naomi

Taxi Company: No, of your location?

Me: Ummm, Boganville Shopping Centre?

Taxi Company: I don’t have a listing for that name, sorry.

Me: I’m not sure what other name I can give you, it’s –

Taxi Company: (cutting in) I need a location to select from the database so I can send a taxi to the correct location!

Me: I’ve always just used Boganville Shopping Centre – how are you spelling it?

Taxi Company: (sounding extrememly offended) I KNOW how to spell Broganville!

Me: Well… if you know how to spell it, why don’t you have the slightest idea where I am?

Taxi Company: OH! Are you saying BOGANville? I was mishearing you!

Me: (raising my voice a few notches) That’s why I asked how you were spelling it, so we could clear up any misunderstandings!

Taxi Company: *beep* *beep* *beep*


6 Responses

  1. uh hu.


    not you.


  2. *snort*

    On the bright side, a taxi pulled up just as I was slamming down the phone… *lol*

  3. Almost as good as the Melbourne taxi drivers who don’t know their way around the city, suburbs or major landmarks 😛

  4. Jayne – Yup, I’m used to those ones (Sydney, God love it). As I was saying to a taxi driver the other week – I’m used to sensible (if vengeful) bus drivers and psychotic taxi drivers, but Ipswich has sensible taxi drivers and psychotic bus drivers. Oh, and sociopathic taxi call centre staff! 😀

  5. oh dear .. glad you got a ride – I though ‘Bogan’ville was a joke … I am sleep deprived too …
    Hope you are on the mend

  6. Trish – *snicker* Sorry, Boganville isn’t the actual name of the suburb. But it’s still fairly distinctive!

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